Privacy Policy - Cloud Alert Ventures W.L.L.

This policy explains the data related to you that we process, and for what purposes.

Data we collect:

  • The information you provide us - your phone number and country
  • The IP address and date and times you connect to us.
  • The OS your handset runs - Android/iOS.
  • The authorization code sent to you over SMS.

What we do not use this data for:

  • We do NOT (and cannot) view, process, analyse or share the content of end-to-end encrypted messages sent between senders and you.
  • We do NOT view, process, analyse or share any unencrypted personal content within your messages except for the purpose of spam filtering, fraud detection and malicious use detection.
  • We do NOT share your phone number, IP address or your other details with third parties.

What we do use this data for:

Your phone number:

When a sender wishes to send you a message, we match the phone number provided by the sender with your phone number in our database. We assume that you have provided your phone number to the sender to allow him to contact you. Should you not have done so, our app provides you the ability to block this sender.

If the sender has obtained your phone number through fraudulent means, please report it to us, and we can take action against such senders.

Security Certificate:

We provide senders with your Cloud Alert Security Certificate. This certificate was generated by us on your behalf, and is used for encryption between you and the sender.

Note that the Cloud Alert Security Certificate is independent of any other security certificate on your handset.

Diagnostic and performance analysis:

The data we collect will be internally used for diagnostics. For example, we provide senders with a tracking service to determine causes of delayed or lost messages.

We also utilize data for performance, load and security analysis. For example, we analyse the countries and IP address ranges that connect to us so that we can optimize our servers to be always available for you.

Advertising policy:

We do not show ads. The messages sent by senders to you may contain ads - you can block the senders or categories you don't wish to receive.


In short: We do not monetize your personal information in any way.

Should you wish to opt out of our service, please uninstall the app - you will no longer receive messages over Cloud Alert.

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