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Supporting businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced us all to change the way we work, play and interact. While it has affected virtually everybody, small businesses - the backbone of any civilization - have taken the brunt of this storm. We at Cloud Alert would like to provide the assistance we can. Hence we are providing our Pro plan for free of charge to everyone, until the situation improves.




Free Forever

  • Unlimited Messages*
  • Upto 500 unique recipients*
  • TLS Encryption
  • For non-advertising use*
  • SMS Failover add-on available*
  • Email Support
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Free until April 2021


per unique recipient / month
  • Unlimited Messages*
  • Minimum 1000 unique recipients
  • End to end & TLS Encryption
  • Limited promotional messages*
  • SMS Failover add-on available*
  • Priority Email Support
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  • Unlimited Messages*
  • Advanced integration support
  • End to end & TLS Encryption
  • Rebrandable & Embeddable App
  • SMS Failover add-on available*
  • Priority Phone & Email support
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Unlimited Messages
Cloud Alert does not charge on a per-message basis for messages sent over the Cloud Alert Network. You can send an unlimited number of messages to your recipients - you will be charged based on the number of unique recipients you have sent to that month.

For example, if you sent 2000 messages to 50 handsets, your billing metric would be 50, not 2000. On the free plan, this usage would be free of charge. On the Pro plan, this usage would cost you 50 x $0.005 = $0.25 per month.

Our Fair Usage Policy applies to unlimited messages, namely:
  • • The message content must be one that recipients wish to receive.
  • • Spam and ads are not included in the unlimited threshold.
  • • Abuse or misuse of the service will result in account termination.
  • • The service cannot be used for machine-to-machine communication.
Messages sent over SMS are not unlimited - see SMS Failover add-on for details.
SMS Failover add-on
Recipients who have not installed the app or are out of data coverage will be sent an SMS message. SMS messages are charged on a per-message basis, at rates that vary per country. No other monthly or service charges are levied for SMS Failover. Messages sent over SMS do not affect your Cloud Alert unique device count. SMS Failover can be enabled or disabled as required.
Devices included in Free Plan
The free plan allows you to send unlimited messages to upto 500 unique devices in a month. Additional devices can be added at $0.005 per device.
Advertising & Promotional Messages
The intent of Cloud Alert is to keep the platform useful for both senders and recipients. Thus, messages of an advertising nature are restricted, with the nature of restriction based on your plan.

Compare All Plans

Features Free Pro Enterprise
Alerting Features
Unlimited Messages
Unique Recipients Free for first 500 unique recipients in a month; $0.005 per unique recipient thereafter $0.005 per unique recipient per month Pricing available on request

SMS sent to users who have not installed the app. SMS Failover is charged per-SMS, detailed in the SMS Tariffs Page.

The connection between the handset and the cloud alert servers is secured using TLS - an industry standard encryption scheme, as used in HTTPS

Messages are end-to-end encrypted, i.e. encrypted at the bank?s messaging gateway and decrypted at the customer?s handset. Learn More
Advertising & Promotional Messages For non-advertising use Limited promotional messages Unlimited promotional messages for re-branded apps
Software for Sending Alerts

Helps you send messages using any Windows PC's Command Prompt. Simple integration with server monitoring software, in-house applications and BAT files. Learn More

An on-site deployed system that can integrate with the organization's databases and applications to send alerts and OTP messages to handsets. Learn More
REST API via Messaging Gateway

Allows you to integrate your database with the Messaging Gateway by writing custom plugins in Java.
Mobile App Integration

The Cloud Alert mobile app can be rebranded to suit your branding requirements.

You can embed the Cloud Alert notifications service into your existing mobile app. This allows you to roll out the service as an update to your app. Learn More
Support Email Support Priority Email Support Priority Phone & Email support
Advanced Integration Support
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