The advent of the digital age is creating new generations of consumers who demand more transparency, convenience and control over their finances.

Assured Security

Cloud Alert recognizes that protecting customers? highly sensitive data is a priority for financial institutions, and offers a much safer alternative to SMS or email alerts.

Cloud Alert adheres to exacting world class security standards, incorporating several levels of encryption to ensure that information is always protected.

Messages are end-to-end encrypted, i.e. encrypted at the bank?s messaging gateway and decrypted at the customer?s handset. They cannot be read or modified in transit, not even by the cloud service or supplier. Each message is digitally signed by the bank to verify its authenticity, and unsigned messages are ignored by the app.

At the customer?s end, past messages are encrypted and saved on the handset, and can only be unlocked with a PIN, preventing accidental or unauthorised access in case of loss or theft of the handset.

Channel Comparison

Comparison Metric Reliability Latency Posting/ Roaming Security Cost Predictability Ubiquity Interactive/ Responsive Larger Content Personalisation Transparency
SMS Push Notifications Email Cloud Alert
5 to 30 secs Minutes Minutes Less than 3 secs
Failover to SMS

Cloud Alert's Technology

Learn more about Cloud Alert's architecture in our documents below.

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