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Why bank with a messaging provider who doesn't respect your privacy?

In recent days, there has been a furore over WhatsApp, due to changes in their privacy policy.

Privacy is an essential requirement in today's connected world, with the right to it enshrined in many laws - some constitutional, some implicit. Nevertheless, corporations have long sought to profit out of the data of individuals.

"Privacy is one of the biggest problems in this new electronic age. At the heart of the Internet culture is a force that wants to find out everything about you. And once it has found out everything about you and two hundred million others, that's a very valuable asset, and people will be tempted to trade and do commerce with that asset. This wasn't the information that people were thinking of when they called this the information age." - Andrew Grove, co-founder and former CEO, Intel.

We at Cloud Alert truly believe in the privacy of our users. Since inception, our policy has been simple:

  • Your data belongs to you.
  • We do not sell your data to anyone.
  • We do not profile you, i.e., we do not deduce your gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, political or religious views.
  • We do not include you in mailing lists or demographics for marketing.
  • We do not display ads or target you for advertising.

The only customer usage patterns we analyse are:

  • We look at messaging usage across IPs and countries to enable us to plan our infrastructure better. For example, should we see more signups from Canadian IP addresses or phone numbers, we use that to add more server nodes in Canada.
  • We use statistics in our performance analysis. Most of our customers require messages to reach instantly, so we try to reduce internet latencies.
  • We spot security issues and potential abuse through our automated analysis tools.
  • We analyse usage for billing purposes. Only senders who exceed our free limits are charged. Receivers receive for free - absolutely no strings attached.

We do not peer into your message content, and we cannot - your messages are end-to-end encrypted. Our app does not read your contacts or media; neither does it require permissions for your camera or microphone.

And why do we take privacy so seriously? Because our role is to secure your financial transactions - the backbone to your financial success and peace of mind. And we have a decade of experience in bringing messaging to Financial Institutions.

So come speak with us. We promise to keep it private.