Manual installation of the Messaging Gateway Windows Service.

Last Updated: 10 Nov 2018

The messaging Gateway is mostly contained in the file cag.exe. This file implements the Windows Service.

If this file is launched using the command prompt, or by double-clicking the file in the windows explorer, it does nothing - it merely displays a message that its a Windows Service. Thus, this needs to be installed as a service prior to use.

To install, open a Command Prompt, and navigate to the c:\cag\scripts directory. Here, execute the installservice.bat file.

Next, navigate to the Services window in your Windows installation (alternatively, you can execute 'services.msc'). Search within the Services Window for the Cloud Alert Messaging Gateway.

On installation, the service is set to launch automatically on bootup of the OS. For now, right-click and select Start to start the service.

To ensure that the service is running normally, launch a browser on this server, and navigate to Note that this URL may not be accessible from other machines on your network.

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